Developing and maintaining a bullet-proof BCDR plan is a daunting task. Because really, who has the time? The good news our team can help you develop BCDR plans for a specific segment of your operations or a comprehensive BCDR program that will ensure recovery of your data and infrastructure and will enable you to fly through any audit as well. Elements may include:

Gap Analysis

Our Gap Analysis lays the foundation for your DR Program’s success by placing the responsibility for DR where it belongs — with your company’s Business Leadership.

Strategy & Architecture Design

Our Strategy & Architecture Design provides the detailed planning up front to keep your company online and active when a disaster puts your IT infrastructure in jeopardy.

Plan Development

Our Plan Development gives your Disaster Recovery Program full value. Whether a plan is developed to safeguard IT infrastructure and/or operations — or driven by compliance requirements, your plan will ensure you're well covered.

Tests & Exercises

Our Tests & Exercises ensure proof of concept and your ability to execute your developed Disaster Recovery Plans and Strategy, which is critical preparation for recovery.


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