Our team is simply among the very best, as we can offer national-caliber engineers who bring vast experience with a host of best-of-breed solutions.

The Five Distinct Phases of Strategic Integrators Professional Service Practice:

At Strategic, there is never a “one-size-fits-all” mentality. Instead, our consultants and engineers will take a lot of time to understand the particulars of your environment as well as mission and current project goals in low-key, vendor-agnostic Discovery conversation.


The Assessment Phase is the analysis and documentation of your environment. This step is crucial as the data generated provides the foundation for an engagement.

Plan and Design

The Plan and Design Phase provides a fully-documented roadmap to meet your project goals. This includes careful planning around project goals, budget, time frames, as well as existing and new technologies.


The Implementation Phase is deployment of your project. Our national-caliber engineers will deliver superb professional services and help ensure a successful project outcome.


The Support Phase centers on knowledge transfer, additional documentation and long-term assistance with your newly-deployed platforms. We will do everything possible to make sure your project has the support necessary for successful adoption going forward.

Each of these engagement elements is designed to prepare our clients and our engineers for the next phase of a project or issue remediation. Each step builds off the previous, both in institutional knowledge and documentation, so that no effort is wasted. As we all know, efficiency is paramount, and the key to efficiency is preparation and planning. With our team working with yours, together we’ll deliver an outstanding project outcome.


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