Strategic Integrators has a growing practice with both enterprises and BPO’s looking to make quantum-level improvements in their contact center operations. Strategic Integrators has partnered with Airin, a cognitive, deep learning artificial intelligence solution we believe will transform the contact center industry. This belief is grounded in real-world data we’re seeing in call centers currently employing Airin’s technology. Significantly, Airin is not generating incremental successes but instead this patented, revolutionary solution is producing quantum-level improvements

  • 50% reduction in new employee  training and nesting time 
  • 40% reduction in Average Handle Time (55% reduction in AHT for ESL agents) 
  • 35% reduction in escalations 
  • 50% increase in both customer and employee satisfaction 

Because of these remarkable results, Strategic and our partner firm, Airin, are talking with call center managers, directors and VP’s about ways in which Airin could similarly impact their operations. Contact centers which require agents to think critically and problem-solve — and/or those with 10-15 minute AHTs — have shown particular interest and adoption. These include:

  • Insurance
  • Accounting
  • Technology
  • Mortgage Banking
  • Healthcare


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